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Contrary to what some have said about the demise of the written word, people still read (take our addiction to smartphones for starters). So words - books and brochures - remain a potent sales tool. Add to that the novelty value of receiving something in print nowadays. Here are three examples.

IPA on Paper_TPBTP.jpg
Original Thinkers as 3d spreads_2.jpg


When the world’s largest media agency moved into its new London headquarters, it named each one of its 40 meeting rooms after an inspirational original thinker. Then they asked us to write a book about those thinkers. You’ll find copies of “Original Thinking Matters” in every room, to inspire Mindshare people and their clients to think the same inspirational way.


Made as an exhibition, a book and a digital campaign, the IPA to Z reminds members just how wide-ranging its services are. For potential members it is the opportunity to see just how much membership offers.

IPA on Paper_TPBTP.jpg
MdR Annual Report_as 3D_Front Cover_sml.jpg


The leading London law firm’s first ever annual report and, as with everything they do, not like other law firms or like other annual reports.


Oxera is one of Europe’s top economics consultancies dealing with topics that touch all our lives. Yet in spite of this, the subject and its practitioners are often seen as remote and overly academic. In a major re-positioning exercise we wanted to show the centrality of economics and economists to modern life and in particular Oxera’s, highlighting the consultancy’s influence with today’s key decision makers in government, law and business. We summed up Oxera’s contribution in two words, “Compelling Economics”, and a new brand identity as bright as the thinking that came out of there. Here is a short definitive booklet about the Oxera Difference.

Oxera brochure as 3D.jpg
IPA on Paper_TPBTP.jpg
Mindshare_Employees_3D_Front Cover_sml.jpg


Successful recruitment is vital if the world’s largest media company is going to hold on to top spot. So making new recruits feel that they really matter is essential. This book was an important part of the Mindshare welcome. A few pages of type on the company intranet would have been much easier. It wouldn’t have been as good.

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