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"The closest anyone anywhere in the world has ever come to distilling everything we do into a single piece of work"

Barry Clarke  
Global Chair, Save the Children


"The best £10,000 we ever spent"

Michael Comish
Founder, BlinkBox



One of the first things that I did when I became Business Development Director at Mishcon was to bring in Jon and David. To change the way that a law firm marketed itself and communicated I needed allies, who understood how to get messages across. Jon and David are the best kind of comms and creative people in that they understand everything starts with a rock-solid piece of strategic thinking but they then have the imagination, tenacity and eye for detail to follow it through and execute it so that it works. And that’s why more than 10 years later they’re still integral to how this law firm markets itself.” 

Elliot Moss
Director of Business Development, Mishcon de Reya


“Jon and David have this intuitive sense of people and businesses and they were able to distil down very quickly our voice and our messaging for the manifesto. They captured it brilliantly, working with us to make sure it really belongs to us, but it's also concise and accurate. It's genuinely a piece of work that will help to shape our business as we move forward.” 

Charlie Green
Co-Founder and Joint-CEO, The Office Group


“It is not easy finding the right mix of creativity, intelligence and sensitivity but Jon and David have it. It is a pleasure to work with them and their book for Mindshare, ‘Original Thinking Matters’, remains the best piece of messaging that we have ever done.”

Marco Rimini
Global Chief Development Officer Mindshare


"We at the IPA have been working with Jon and David since the beginning of 2018, and their help in articulating our core purpose has been invaluable. We are delighted with the Brand Manifesto they have developed for us: it summarises, clearly and compellingly, the wide-ranging contribution the IPA makes to our member agencies and the UK advertising industry as a whole."

Paul Bainsfair
Director General, IPA


"The thing that struck me immediately about working with Jon & David was the friendliness and informality. I quickly discovered that when you work with Grainger&Wolff, you really are working with Grainger&Wolff. No pretensions, straight down to work. But with their collaborative, almost “in-house” approach came lots of insight. Helping us to create messaging that has been a vital part of our successful new business drive."

Jonathan Gross
Partner, Quastels LLP


"I’ve founded two businesses and I put a large part of the success of both businesses down to David and Jon. They have a great ability of finding what the voice of a brand should be. They then produce communication that is clear, unique, engaging and if required amusing. Unlike most agencies, there’s no fuss or sales bullshit just clear and effective thinking." 

Richard Hilton
Founder, Gymbox 
Founder, Fairgame


"Getting your message across has never been harder in this cluttered old world. Sometimes to do things right you have to do things differently and G&W certainly do that. Not afraid of breaking with convention, well breaking anything actually, they have the sort of creative minds I can only marvel at. Whatever your product, brand or service, you will not be disappointed by their delivery or their commitment to delivering perfection. I 💕 them."

Christine Cross
Retail Consultant


"If you're looking for an agency with big strategic ideas, you'll be in good hands. G&W has done a fantastic job helping us to shape our brand positioning and identity, and create successful creative campaigns. I recommend them to brave brands looking for bold strategic ideas and witty copy lines."

Louisa Jean-Charles
Head of Marketing, Rex London


“In a very short space of time they grasped exactly what our business is about and how best to reach our audience, articulating it better than anyone else before. Using research and a clear brief they came up with a real overarching comms idea to engage our target audience. Jon and David are very good at distilling down a lot of information to what is most important and needs to be communicated, and uniquely are able to take feedback as constructive. Their work ethic and attention to detail has impressed us too. In a situation none of us have ever experienced before (pandemic & lockdown) they managed to create three TV ads and a press and radio campaign, as if we were working in normal times, creating an immediate impact and, most importantly, within a tight budget.”

Roy Moed
Founder, LifeBook

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