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Case Study 1: IPA
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Case study #1

The IPA is the organisation that represents the UK’s top advertising, media and digital agencies, safeguarding, inspiring and promoting their success. We are the IPA’s agency.

Case Study 2: Gymbox

Case study #2

The people who revolutionised the London gym scene turned to us to spread the black and yellow revolution and help open five new gyms across the capital.

Case Study 3: Rex

Case study #3
Rex London

Rex London is an online gift store that curates, designs and sells beautiful things at affordable prices. Our role was to help Rex sell more gifts than ever before

Grainger & Wolff, advertising & agency, small & independent, fast & flexible, curious & interested, red tape & jargon-free, well-connected & networked, burner & midnight oil.

With clients big & small, lots & lots of awards for creativity & effectiveness, doing press & poster, film & tv, digital & web, multi-media & campaigns, positioning & strategy, naming & branding, tone of voice & writing, brochures & books.

Why not visit our office in Camden, London for coffee & cake?

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