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Jon has a degree in Architecture but decided to spend his career building brands.


Jon’s own brand - Grainger&Wolff - dates back to 1989, with spells at Grey, AMV Open and Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB working with David, before Grainger&Wolff, the creative team, became Grainger&Wolff, the agency in 2002.

Jon is a Sheffield United fan of note (great, enduring brand, est.1889) and if pressed can start, end or interrupt a meeting with a short, minimum two-hour analysis of their last match and/or their next.


He is also happy to take on any challengers as a devotee of the UK’s fastest growing new brand of sport #AnyoneForPickleball?

DW_2023_BW_for G&WWW.jpg


David has a degree in Modern History but decided to spend his career making things up.


It’s a history that includes creating campaigns for all sorts of blue-chip brands like Nike, Channel 4 and Waitrose, and bagging more than 100 awards along the way. It has been achieved in a great historical alliance with Jon (see above) that dates back to 1989.


Today David continues to try and make history by beating his best ever marathon time but (historical fact) the inexorable and increasingly slow march of time seems to be against him. 


However, sales of his lockdown brand of sourdough have reached a record high.



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